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Suburbia Coffee in Kent

Suburbia Coffee -- interior
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Suburbia is the kind of place any city's Economic Development office would kill for. It's a friendly face for a revitalizing downtown. It's a clubhouse and meeting place. It's a gallery. It has an owner who is deeply committed to the community. And it serves damned fine coffee (to coin a phrase).

Right now, Suburbia's future is in doubt, mostly because they've been let down by circumstances. It looks like Second St is about to be closed again. The two corner properties at 2nd and Meeker continue to stand idle, tied up in either bureaucratic snafus, litigious owners, or both.

You could just stand by, and let this happen. Or you could go there today, say hello to Adrienne the owner, and get a good cup of joe with a great danish. Or blueberry coffeecake. Or bagel breakfast sandwich. Or a juice.

It's up to you.


Suburbia Coffee
218 W Meeker St
(between N 1st Ave & N 2nd Ave)
Kent, WA 98032

Here's my review of them at Yelp.

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