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x-post: Trying to help a friend out.

A good friend of mine has family visiting and is planning a get together this Saturday evening for about 30 people. They had it planned for one local restaurant but something went wiggy a they were told today that the space is no longer availible.

They want to have it at a restaurant/bar/whatever, something nice but not crazy spendy. The place should have a full bar, decent appetizer type food and preferably a dedicated space that can be reseved for 30-ish people.

I've been doing my best to offer suggestions of places that fit the bill and also may have room on such short notice but I would welcome any suggestions you guys can come up with.
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It may not be what you're looking for (not in Seattle itself and perhaps not nice enough for the occasion), but the Azteca in Bellevue has a good sized back room that can be reserved and sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant. I've attended gatherings and parties there in the past and they seem to do a decent job of it (although I've never been in charge of said parties, so I have no idea if the perception is reality).
Not exactly a fancy place, but maybe Romio's pizza in Greenwood? They have a large room. Or there are some spots in the international district like China Gate. Not the cleanest place, but the food is great and they have a nice banquet room.
I was told that my choice for my birthday dinner was pretty good along those lines. It *is* nice with the requested appetizers and full bar (really fun drink menu), but the bill dividers in my party told that for a nice place it was pretty reasonable. I'm talking about the Daily Grill in the Sheraton. I do believe that they have a space off of the restaurant that can be rented. It hasn't quite caught on yet (and for this reason is a great place to get a last-minute reservation when you want to have dinner before going to the Paramount) so their function space probably has some open spots on the calendar.
Do you want something downtown? If so, I'd try Icon Grill - they have a little upstairs area where I've seen parties.