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Sphinx, in her hat

So...who Dined out for Life on Thursday?

No, I'm not trying to bug you about the state of your activism. It just seemed likely that with such a justifiable opportunity to indulge that a lot of folks who subscribe to this community would have a recent experience to discuss. So where did you go? Somewhere tried and true or did you take the opportunity to explore?

I very rarely go to a place that I know for this dinner. I like the exploration option. I called a friend who I know is usually up for an adventure, and we went to check out the Pomodoro, an Italian restaurant on Eastlake.


Oh yum, what a lucky choice. They have a nice space (arched windows, lots of candles) and a nice staff who, even when they're busy, are willing to stop for a minute and tell you about the ingredients that went into your dish. But the biggest plus is the smell in there. Wondrous odors envelope you the minute you walk in the door. You don't know what you will get, but you feel confident it will be good.

And it is. Thumbs up on the gnocchi with sausage and mushrooms (optional shitakes!). The chopped fresh basil on top was really nice. And we ate so much of the soft and chewy bread with parsley spread (vocabulary? she told us what was in it, not what it was called) we didn't have any room for dessert. Just as well. They have not one, not two, but three presentation desserts that are prepared tableside, but they weren't offering any of them that night because it was too crowded.

Guess we'll have to go back if we want to try one of those. Oh darn...
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