Dagmar Brink (dagmar_b) wrote in seattle_dining,
Dagmar Brink

weekday downtown breakfast joints?

can anyone recommend any weekday downtown breakfast joints? i have an old friend that will be in town for a couple of days and it looks like i'll be meeting him for breakfast. i need downtown recommendations just in case he doesn't have time to venture into other neighborhoods. i was hoping for something a little more substantial than The Crumpet Shop; i love The Crumpet Shop but it's not really a place for people to sit 'n visit. thanks in advance!
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if it's not too far out of the way, i like CJ's Eatery on First and Cedar. the food is great and it's clean and bright.
the Five Point at 5th and Cedar has reliable good and cheap food, but the atmosphere is dark and divey.
i can't remember the name of it, but there is a restaurant upstairs in the same building as the Crumpet Shop; enter by Left Bank Books. great view of the bay over the roof of the main market building. i'm pretty sure that they have weekday breakfast.
the Athenian inside the market definitely has weekday breakfast, but i've never been wild about the food or the service there. it's perfectly okay, and it does have the Sleepless in Seattle thing.